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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Makes Passengers Laugh with Her Hilarious In-Flight Safety Comedy Routine

Yknow actually I want to highlight this right here.

When I went to Las Vegas last summer, we flew on Southwest Airlines and experienced something quite similar to this, although I think it was the pilot and not a flight attendant, but it was absolutely hilarious and amazing and I loved it. Although that was my only experience flying with Southwest, it’s nice to know that it was not a random experience and I would definitely recommend Southwest in the future.






Limits of the Human Body by Soda Pop Avenue

I am a writer I say as I reblog this

i am an a R TIST

Hey, I just like to know my limits.

As a biologist I always look for the sources. That said I’m also tired and it is midnight and I’m catching up on tumblr so here have a book link

Extremes: Life, Death and the Limits of the Human Body (Google eBook)

Kevin Fong

Hachette UK, 14/03/2013

Also I don’t feel like being a pedant. And this is an interesting read just in the introduction.

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Okay guys. Time for a huge giveaway.

What I have here is a good sized roster of competitive shiny pokemon! I tried including a variety of different roles for this and threw in some ‘mons I enjoy using in battles.

Even if you’re not in to battling and are more of a collector, I think these are some cool looking shinies regardless (Mega Absol <3)! This could also be a small motivational push to try battling ;D

Anyway, time for the rules!

ONE lucky person will win this!

Like = 1 Entry

Reblog = 2 Entries

Follow = 4 Entries [Current followers get this automatically]

Winner will be selected Sunday, April 6th!

Sorry about my terrible timing, but this is legit!


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